Simply put, we’re much more particular about what beef wears the Top Butcher name. Only one in five cattle qualify for USDA Choice Grade, and just two in 100 qualify for the USDA Prime Grade. We select only these grades to offer our customers the finest steak experience.

What does that mean to you? With the Top Butcher Difference, it’s all in the marbling. You’ll get the perfect distribution of intramuscular fat, giving you beef that’s more tender, juicy and full of flavor.  And with our Midwest Advantage, we have access to some of the country’s finest local grain finished and grass fed beef available anywhere.

Our experienced butchers hand-trim and cut each steak with the greatest care. Your order is vacuum-packed to seal in freshness, color and ultimate flavor. That’s the Top Butcher Difference. Once you’ve tasted it, you’ll understand why our customers want nothing less.