Independence Day Pack the Grill Kit


1 2lb pack of Eisenberg Gourmet 1/4lb Hot Dogs (8Hot Dogs)

2 1lb packs of our 1/4 lb Angus burgers (8 Burgers)

2 Steaks you choose from 8oz Filet, 12oz Prime NY Strip and 12oz Prime Ribeye Boneless

Please take into account that shippers do not deliver on Saturday or Sunday.

Because of this, we will not ship any items on Friday or in any case where it

might sit in a shipper’s warehouse over an extended period.

The best days to order are Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

For states immediately adjacent to Illinois Thursday is also fine



Happy 4th of July, the biggest grilling holiday of the year.  Give the gift of meat, like these family favorites.  Hot dogs and burgers for the kids and steaks for Mom and Dad.

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8oz Filet, 12oz Prime NY Strip, 12oz Prime Ribeye boneless


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